"I made it a Hot Pick last weekend, so it would have to be as good as any professional production at the McCallum to make it in there two weekends in a row... it’s an opportunity to discover some new talent with the potential to go places. I especially liked Jessie Massoudi as Gertrude McFuzz... She has a young, quirky Elizabeth McGovern quality as Gertrude, and moves with distinctive personality — finding just the right balance of camp and economy of movement. She also knows how to sell a song with personality. She helps bring the show to a satisfying conclusion with the big ballad, 'All For You...'"

Bruce Fessier, Desert Blogger

"So professional and delightful, definitely one of the best acts in what I think was overall the highest level I've seen at Open Call!"

Mark Almy

"You can hear in Jessie Massoudi’s smoky haze that there is a myriad of colors to her operatically trained instrument. Think Pink and Aerosmith wrapped up with Britney Spears! This Singer/Songwriter’s originals like “Too Far,” “Come with me,” and “Who?” should not be missed."

Zeffin Quinn Hollis

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”

Victor Hugo


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