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Ms. Jessie

Thank you for your interest in lessons! I hope to help you achieve your goals and improve your skills, whether you're looking for lessons for voice, piano, or music theory. Every student is a unique person who deserves a lesson customized to their individual needs. Each of my students prospers in an atmosphere of patience and encouragement. While the lessons are fun and enjoyable, the serious student will be supported in the development of skills leading to a rewarding career, and the more casual students will grow in an appreciation of knowledge that will always enrich their lives. 

With much experience under my belt, I feel a desire to pass on my knowledge to students. I carry a strong passion to help people develop their abilities and make them their own. I truly believe that if someone wants something out of life they will achieve it with dedication, perseverance, confidence, and by having fun doing it!  


My unique approach to teaching is why so many of my students come back to me time and again. See what some of my present and former students have to say about studying with me. To find out more, just get in touch.


Musical Theater, Online

Jessie helped my 12 year old daughter create an audition tape for a Youth Ensemble.
I didn't know even how to start making an audition tape. She did a fantastic job AND my daughter was chosen for the Youth Ensemble group. Excellent experience.

By Beth R. on 2/24/2020

Singing, Online

Jessie was wonderful with my 10 year old daughter . She was patient, kind , and made her very comfortable during her first singing lesson.

By Caitlin on 9/23/2019

Math, Online

Willing to help In our time of need! And on such short notice too! 😊

By Rahma A. on 9/19/2019

Musical Theater, Online

My daughter has been taking weekly online singing lessons with Jessie for a year. Jessie is a wonderful teacher and coach and helps my daughter prepare for auditions for school events and the local theater camp. My daughter loves singing and has made wonderful progress, gained control of her voice and learned various techniques. She is always excited for the next lesson. Jessie has been accommodating around vacation schedules and is great to communicate with. Jessie is awesome!

By Stefanie K. on 9/17/2019

Opera Voice

Jessie is a great voice teacher. She helped me discover and explore my tenor voice in a very safe way.
Lessons with her are both effective and enjoyable.
I highly recommend her.

By Benoit on 6/13/2019


Jessie is a great vocal teacher and coach. I just wanted to be able to sing casually with friends and family, without sounding too hideous, and Jessie is great!

By Karl J. on 6/4/2019

Math, Online

i think she is very good at teaching elementary students!

By Jenelle B. on 1/12/2019


We LOVE Jessie!!!! She has really been such a wonderful vocal coach to our teen! So talented!

By Lisa on 11/21/2018

Math, Online

Our son loves Jessie! For the first time, I hear him laughing and enjoying math. His confidence has grown so much this year, and trust me, that's a very big deal! She is patient, funny, and has transformed his attitude toward math in a very short period of time. Can't say enough good things about her!

By Foard on 11/16/2018

Musical Theater, Online

My daughter had a great first online lesson with Jessie. It was well structured and she is looking forward to the next lesson. Even got some homework on what to practice. Jessie is very professional in how she conducts the lesson inclusive using the online tool available.

By Kate on 11/15/2018

Math, Online

she was funny, she was understanding and very nice!
she is a great teacher and is not so serious.

By Jenelle B. on 11/12/2018

Math, Online

My daughter really enjoyed her session with Jessie!

By Ava C. on 10/10/2018

Math, Online

She is kind and really helpful. She explains things well.

By Naz T. on 9/27/2018

Basic Math, Online

Jessie is a great math tutor and she made math fun. Going to enjoy working with her this school year!

By Foard B. on 9/24/2018

Geometry, Online

Jessie is highly competent and remarkably effective in Geometry and Algebra! She is super helpful and helped both of my daughters understand and grasp very difficult and challenging math problems when they were under a time deadline. Thanks again, Jessie!
By Christine M. on 9/12/2018



She an excellent teacher! I feel comfortable with her, she has boundless patience and is so kind.

By Bushra on 7/23/2018 

Music Theory

Jessie was first very personable. I went to her for help with sight reading and she taught me in a clear and understandable way concepts that I needed to recall, and some that were brand new. She has an engaging teaching style. She also tested my range and was very complimentary and taught me some tools of the trade in regards to my mouth in order to improve my range without strain!!! I left the lesson very excited for what I had learned, and very anxious to come back for more lessons!!!

By Melody on 7/14/2018


Very patient with my three year old. Although this is a piano lesson, appreciated the singing lesson as well

By Liza B. on 7/12/2018 


I have been working with Jessie for almost a year now and she has helped me a ton. Since the first day I met her I have felt comfortable and accepted. Her positive attitude and teaching style has definitely helped me improve my singing. I would recommend her to beginners and even those who have already been singing.

By Kaitlyn on 6/25/2018 


Jessie is awesome, we have been with her 3-4 years. She is patient, fun and understanding. Works great with kids, let’s them choose the songs they want to sing and works with them through it.

By Lisa on 6/24/2018 

Musical Theater

Very nice, caring, and instructive. She knows her stuff!

By Megan on 6/19/2018 


Fantastic tutor and patient with my daughter

My daughter really enjoyed the tutoring lesson and appreciated the way Jessie taught her how to work out math problems forwards and backwards. We are looking forward to my daughters next lesson.

By Alfredo on 5/13/2017


We had never tried any type of tutoring prior to finding Jessie. She exceeded our expectations by far! After just 4 one hour lessons online with Jessie, my daughter’s Geometry grade has gone from an F to a C! I am extremely confident that my daughter will pass this class and the final exam. Thank you Jessica, for your knowledge and patience. I will recommend her to anyone I know that is looking for an amazing tutor!

By Jennifer G on 5/12/2018 


Jessie is an awesome instructor! I've never taken lesson before, and she's very patient with me. I'm glad she's my teacher.

By Micah on 3/11/2018 


Miss Jessie is a nice teacher, she is kind and patient with me. I like her warm up songs and love her prizes at the end of my lessons.

By Ashley E. on 1/11/2018 


She’s is very friendly, def very good with kids. She made my daughter feel so comfortable. 
Thank you and she can’t wait for the next class.

By Olivia on 11/28/2017


Jessie helped me make sense of Algebra. She is friendly and patient.

By Danny on 9/23/2017 


Jessie is a great teacher that makes piano really fun. She is very encouraging and makes me feel really comfortable.

By Meg M. on 8/3/2017 


Jessie Massoudi is a GREAT singing teacher for my granddaughter, Vera. Vera, now age 10, has been taking lessons with Jessie for about a year now. Jessie has a way of working with her that is very sensitive and effective. Vera's confidence and voice have both improved a lot because of Jessie. I strongly recommend her as a teacher for children of this age, and people of any age too.

By Suzanne on 4/12/2017 


Jessie is a very competent multi-talented voice instructor. I've learned more from her in a few months than I have from others in several years. She is great with all age groups, and would highly recommend her for everything from opera to pop.

By Marc on 4/10/2017 


Jessie is an amazing vocal teacher. Her vocal knowledge is beyond her years. I would highly recommend her. Whether you're young or older (like me), experienced or not. Whether you like opera or pop, she is great!

By Marc on 12/15/2016 


Jessie is a delight and a very patient teacher. I am older and need things explained sometimes more than once. She was patient and kind. I look forward to continuing my lessons with her.

By Adrienne A. on 12/2/2016 


She was really nice and had a lesson customized for me.

By Amanda on 11/22/2016 


She listens and has a wealth of knowledge to motivate peeps like me that are on the fence.

By Edgar G. on 11/22/2016 


Kendal was very happy with Jessie.... I think it will be a great fit!
By Kendal G. on 11/21/2016 


Seems to be able to keep the focus of my 8 year old so far during her first lesson. Also seems able to help her understand what was taught so far.

By Elizabeth H. on 11/16/2016 


Solange really enjoyed her lesson, she's looking forward to next week.

By Solange on 11/1/2016 


Very patient with young kids

By Jonah S. on 9/21/2016 



Ethan (my 6 year old son) had an excellent first lesson. Jessie definitely had the right approach and it looks like she and Ethan will work well together as teacher/student. 
I look forward too seeing the results over the coming months.

By Ethan on 8/26/2016 

Acting very sweet and wonderful with children. I would highly recommend her!

By Julia D. on 6/16/2016 


Jessie is great! This is my first time taking vocal lessons and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm enjoying the experience so far. She makes me feel comfortable and learning a lot from warm ups we practice. Her knowledge with singing and music is inspiring and she's informative, down to earth, and has a great personality. I know I will reach my goals and can see myself develop a nice voice that will sound great with my lessons with Jessie. She is the kind of instructor I was looking for and look forward to the results.

By Melissa A. on 6/1/2016 


Jessie was very easy to work with. I learned a lot and it was an enjoyable experience.

By Kat on 5/11/2016 


My daughter in 3rd grade really enjoyed this lesson! Jessie was very nice and kind and Kira even had the opportunity to sign in the first session. These lessons are super convenient for parents that are tired of traveling in the car to non-stop places during the day. Would definitely recommend Ms. Jessie.

By Kira D. on 4/20/2016 


My daughter really enjoyed working with Jessie M. I noticed a huge difference in her presentation for acting and facial for dance, after just ONE lesson. We are excited to see what happens next!

By Lily M. on 4/1/2016 


she really knows what she's doing! she helped out a lot, and gave me so
many importat pointers on how to get started with my acting career! definitely recommend!!

By Samantha J. on 3/17/2016 


Jessie is amazing, sweet, thorough, and patient. I hope to work with her long term. I can already see improvement in my singing after 3 sessions.

By Candace K. on 2/17/2016 


Jessie is an amazing teacher and I am so happy I found her! She has helped me improve my vocal range and my confidence in singing! With her help, I have perfected my preparations for auditions and succeeded in them! I highly recommend her for her teaching abilities and lovely personality!

By Brooke on 2/7/2016 


Jessie is an excellent vocal teacher! She is very sweet and patient and is able to identify what needs to be corrected and clearly communicates how to overcome the issue at hand. It is amazing how she transformed my voice! She is also very flexible when it comes to rescheduling an appointment. I am very glad to have found her!

By Kelsey on 1/30/2016


I find Jessie very Happy, Friendly, Sincere , Knowledgeable, Thorough and Funny. I would refer Jessie to anyone at anytime. You'd be Glad to meet her.

By Mary on 1/29/2016 


Jessie has assisted me with voice training and improvement. She has tirelessly and cheerfully helped me to learn the music so I can participate in the community chorus. I would recommend her to anyone looking for musical training.

By Patricia on 1/11/2016 


Jessie was great! My son learned a lot and we will definitely use her again.

By Sean K. on 12/18/2015 


Jessie was a great teacher. She made my daughter feel really comfortable and connected with her very well. She helped my daughter get prepared for an audition which she now has a part in. I would recommend her to others

By Jennifer on 12/16/2015 


Jessie is very pleasant and my daughter enjoyed her first class and looks forward to the next one!

By Anu on 11/2/2015 


It is amazing how much I can learn in just 30 minutes. Jessie is an awesome instructor! I love learning from her!

By Daniel H. on 11/2/2015 


Jessie was so great! I took private vocal lessons with her for two years and learned so much! She really started me off on a great path of developing my voice, and helped me with all of my college auditions. Even after I had lessons with her and moved on to college she was still a great resource and a wonderful connection. Jessie was very patient, willing, and helpful in whatever I needed! Highly recommended!

By Brant on 10/10/2015 


I AM SO GLAD that I came to see Jessie. She's very nice and very enthusiastic to assist me with my singing needs. Thanks very much for her

By ROM on 9/1/2015 


Jessie is really great. She's patient, positive, and really good with teens! We only just started with her but we're off to a great start!

By Brigitte B. on 8/10/2015 


Jessie is awesome! As nervous as I was for my first lesson, she instantly put me at ease, put me through the paces of warm-up exercises, and I can't wait until next week!

By Christina H. on 7/30/2015 


Very patient, very knowledgeable about what to expect with changing male voice. We're coming back for more!

By Jonah T. on 6/29/2015 


Great First lesson!! Feeling good about the upcoming sessions..

By Kabbyo C. on 6/23/2015 


Had our first lesson today and she was very knowledgeable and worked very well with my daughter. We saw improvement in her singing after the first lesson. Great experience so far!

By Bethany E. on 5/20/2015 


My son is 6 years old and he is very happy taking piano lessons with Jessie. She is so nice, friendly and patient. My son started with Jessie about 3 weeks ago and so far so good! I recommend Jessie because she is very encouraging and supportive to my son. I am so glad I switched piano teachers because Jessie has all the qualities I was looking for in a piano instructor. My son is learning more each week and he is having fun taking lessons with Jessie!

By Keren V. on 3/18/2015 


Jessie is absolutely wonderful! She makes the lessons enjoyable and explains things so someone like me, an unseasoned vocalist, can understand with ease. I highly recommend Jessie to anyone looking to take vocal lessons!

By Leslie C. on 3/17/2015 


She's been great so far and has gone out of her way to make sure the lessons happen!

By Heather L. on 10/25/2014 


My 7 year old daughter is having a great time with improv classes with Jessie. We've attended 5 classes so far and Jessie is always professional, always prepared with a fun plan of games and exercises. We highly recommend her!

By SC N. on 9/6/2014 


After, attending 3 tutoring classes Jessie has assisted me in giving me the ability to understand the assignment's concept in mathematics. While going to tutoring I have been able to understand the given mathematic formula's, steps, and solve mathematic problems, and since attending tutoring I have been able to complete every given mathematic assignment.
Thank you
By Alex R. on 9/5/2014 

In January, I decided to take a last minute opportunity to apply for a job at Disney World over the summer. After doing some research regarding the audition process, I found out that there was a brief improv portion involved in the audition. About two and a half to three weeks before the audition, I found Jessie and booked four lessons.
What I received from my lessons was more than I could have ever hoped for. Jessie is an amazing teacher. She is very knowledgable, gives incredibly feedback and advice, and in addition to what an awesome teacher she is, she also is INCREDIBLY flexible and willing to work with your schedule.

By Avery A. on 2/11/2014 


A wonderful teacher to have! It has been wonderful taking lessons with Jessie! She helps you learn in a way that caters to your personal preferences as well as targets problems and fixes them in a personal way. Not only is she a great teacher, but she is also always extremely patient and cooperative with my schedule and extremely professional at all times. I am looking forward to continuing lessons with Jessie!

By Caroline P. on 2/7/2014 

Jessie gave me some valuable tools and techniques that have greatly helped to improve my singing. I strongly recommend Jessie to anyone interested in a great voice instructor.

By Paul M. on 1/16/2014 


A Wonderful Teacher! Jessie is an incredible person to work with. I went in looking to work on my range and songs for musical theatre and came out with a better understanding of technique and intonation. She is always patient and understanding of her students and is always willing to help them any way she can. She helped me pick songs for my auditions and also informed me about other auditions in the area. I also learned basic piano from her awesome piano worksheet tutorials! Jessie not only is a great instructor, but a great performer as well . Although her voice is beautiful, she doesn't make me feel inadequate or intimidated. Her lessons are always fun to me because of her sense of humour and kindness. Overall, I've had a great experience with Jessie and can't wait to see her again!

By Anuja S. on 12/21/2013 


professional, punctual, positive, makes lesson fun
Jessie, tutors my 14 y/o daughter in algebra for more than a year now. She is professional, punctual, very positive and makes algebra fun (if that's possible). She reinforces what Grace has done well and reviews how she can do better. I highly recommend Jessie!

By Linda S. on 12/3/2013 


Jessie is the best!!! I have had the privilege of taking lessons with Jessie for over a year now. I have to say it has been a wonderful experience. Jessie is always attentive to what my strengths and weaknesses are and is always willing to help in any area necessary. She is always helpful, supportive, willing, and most of all caring. Jessie has a genuine love for teaching that rubs off on a student. I'm very grateful to be a student of Jessie's. thank you Jessie!!!

By Costello B. on 11/10/2013 

Since becoming one of her students I've learned so much about singing. During lessons she really pushes me towards what I think I can't do but to the point that doesn't strain my voice. She always makes sure that what I do is comfortable and that I'm not trying to force a sound. She's very enthusiastic and is always giving song suggestions that she feels would best fit my voice. I really like how positive she is about everything and how she invests in the vocal growth of her students. Overall, she's a great teacher and I've really enjoyed being taught by her so far :)

By Thelma C. on 11/1/2013 


She is a wonderful teacher! Jessie is an amazing singing teacher. She is very helpful, has good singing tips, and practicing methods. My singing has improved a lot since being her student!

By Madison B. on 4/5/2013 


Great teacher! Jessie is very professional and friendly. She seems to have great knowledge of her field and provides invaluable instruction. Highly recommended.

By Valerie M. on 1/21/2013 

My daughter loves Jessie. Her voice has improved since she started taking lessons with her. I like the way she gives her a written note at the end of each lesson with reminders on technique or something my daughter needs to practice before her next lesson. She has also helped teach my daughter how to care for her voice and prepare for events. I highly recommend her!

By Janet K. on 1/18/2013 

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