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Sat, Mar 23


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NELLA in Gianni Schicchi

Throw on your glad rags and join us for a little hush-hush while we scheme with the top-notch grifter Gianni Schicchi! No need for your cheaters ‘cause we’re singing it straight-up English! Followed by a Broadway Cabaret!

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NELLA in Gianni Schicchi
NELLA in Gianni Schicchi

Time & Location

Mar 23, 2024, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

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About the Event

Plot Synopsis

The wealthy Buoso Donati has just died at home in Florence and his relatives are somewhat exaggerating in their mourning of his passing away; in reality they all expect to be amply consoled by their inheritance. Betto, the poorest of them all, has heard rumors that Buoso may have left a large amount of money to the church. Suspicious and worried, the relatives start looking for the will; when they finally uncover it, they find their worst fears have come true: Buoso Donati has left his entire inheritance to the catholic church. The inauthentic grief for the loss of their dear one turns into an authentic lament for the loss of their inheritance. The young Rinnuccio is upset, for whom the money would have meant permission to marry the sweet Lauretta (daughter of the commoner Gianni Schicchi) who possesses no dowry.

In vain, Buoso’s relatives turn to the wise Simone for advice. Rinuccio calls upon Gianni Schicchi, well known for his shrewdness, to come help the family with their predicament. The other family members do not initially want to accept Schicchi’s help, as the Donati family sees themselves as above dealing with commoners, but by now Gianni and his daughter Lauretta have already arrived. Chaos ensues as the proud Zita announces her refusal of Rinuccio and Lauretta’s marriage, this refusal offends Schicchi and he attempts to storm out. Lauretta, stopping her father, sings the well- known aria “Oh Mio Babbino Caro”; she attempts to persuade him for his help so she can marry her beloved Rinuccio. Moved by his daughter's lament, Schicchi agrees to help.

Gianni quickly devises a plan, he hides in the bed of the deceased and imitates his voice to interact with the doctor who comes to check on Buoso. He claims that he feels better and sends the doctor away. Schicchi’s plan is now put into practice: dressed as Buoso, he lies on his bed and summons the public notary and witness, in front of whom he dictates a new will. He distributes the cash and properties fairly among the relatives, but the most valuable assets (the mansion in Florence, the mills in Signa, and the car) he keeps for himself. The relatives can’t do anything about this “robbery” without revealing their fraud, for which the penalty is the cutting-off of a hand and exile from Florence. Once the notary and witness have left, Gianni chases the enraged relatives out of the house as they plunder the home that is now Schicchi’s property. Rinuccio and Lauretta return, happily embracing as they look towards their future.

Stage Director - Lisa Poleshek

Music Director & Pianist - Yoko Mizuno

Gianni Schicchi - Josh Wentz (3/9 & 3/10) & Mark Goodman (3/17 & 3/23)

Lauretta - Chandler E. Cummings (3/9 & 3/17) & Lily Berthold (3/10 & 3/23)

Rinuccio -  Jacob Stucki 

Zita -  Daisy Santos 

Simone - Lewis Johnson 

La Ciesca - Carol Winston (3/9 & 3/10) & Carol Lande (3/17 & 3/23) 

Nella - Rana Ebrahami (3/9 & 3/17) & Jessie Massoudi (3/10 & 3/23)

Gherardo - Shawn Taylor

Betto - Alexei Helmblock

Doctor/Lawyer - Dominic Lim (3/9 & 3/10) & Bedjou Jean (3/17 & 3/23)

Guccio - David Frank

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